Use Steam Iron Instead of a Fabric Iron

Traditional electric irons use electric current to heat iron and heated iron helps to remove wrinkles. Steam irons, on the other hand, use electric current to heat water to its boiling point to release steam, and we know that moisture or humidity removes the wrinkles very quickly. Tobi Steamer is one such iron that is designed to get rid of wrinkles in an easy manner. This is available in portable version also for domestic use.

steam iron

Steam ironing equipments, like a Tobi Steamer are great for providing an excellent look to your garments, as if coming straight from the cleaner. The other important advantage of steam irons is that they can be safely used on a variety of fabrics, without any fear of their getting burnt or scorched. Steam ironing wouldn’t leave any marks on the garment unless you happened to use contaminated water or hard water with salts and minerals. The best way to avoid having any marks on an ironed cloth is to use filtered water in an electric steamer. That’s why professional garment cleaners use distilled water.

Those who have already used this device often wonder why couldn’t they earlier switch over from traditional irons to one of the kind of Tobi Steamer, for the ease of use it offered with professional results. There are very remote chances of an accidental injury or burn when using a steamer. Steam irons like the Tobi Steamer, also available in smaller version as Tobi Travel Steamer, further reduce such risks and accidents. That’s because steam coming out of it gets cool very fast. As a mater of fact it is so designed that water vapors coming out of the iron in the form of steam, immediately get transformed from vaporous state to liquid state of water on coming in contact with atmospheric air. That makes it so safe to use. The only time of hurting yourself will be if you decide to spray mist coming out of the steamer directly on your skin. But, you can prevent such an eventuality by wearing long sleeves when you are using a steamer. Further, keep your kids away while you are at job with a steamer and store it away from their reach.

The functioning of a Tobi Steamer is very much like that of a professional garment steamer. The garment steamers come in different sizes and designs for commercial applications. The Tobi Steamer enables you to have the same level of professional cleaning and looks at home, being lightweight and compact. But, comparing the expenses, you’ll appreciate that operating this equipment at home costs about one-tenth of what you would be paying to a commercial cleaner. Further, as you are using it at home for your personal garments, you can pay more attention to details like pleats and plaquettes. Another helpful feature of using steam cleaner is that it rids the fabric of any odors. People who collect vintage clothing will better appreciate this feature. Similarly, it helps to get rid of the odor when you unpack the winter clothing that has been stored for long in an attic. But, here’s a word of caution. Don’t ever add a perfume or scent to water of the steamer. This may block the vents of the steamer and could leave stains on your clothing.


  1. I've always heard distilled water will reduce mineral build-up but I've seen many steamers that instruct you not to use distilled water in their steamer. Only tap or a mix of tap and distilled 1:1. Do you know anything about why?

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